Top 10 Renewable Energy Consulting/Services Companies in APAC - 2019
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Top 10 Renewable Energy Consulting/Services Companies in APAC - 2019

Today, the emergence and deployment of innovative software in energy businesses is driving the development in the collection, management, and distribution of renewable energy. With the world’s conventional energy resources witnessing a significant decline, business leaders across all markets are planning to deploy solutions that will assist them in addressing the challenge of depleting fossil fuel deposits and develop an eco-friendly energy framework for their respective industries. Further, the meteoric rise in the adoption of renewable energy solutions within organizations has led to the mushrooming of renewable energy consulting companies that help leaders and executives in integrating the most cutting-edge technologies with their renewable energy endeavors in the best-suited way.

Looking ahead, the future of energy resources and smart grids is shaping up to revolve around the emergence of newer machine learning algorithms, optimization of AI and big data analytics, and other technology tools. However, collaboration with the right experts that can provide guidance during the early steps of data prep to deploy predictive models can further strengthen the efficiency of renewable energy solutions to meet the rising energy demands.

A distinguished panel comprising CEOs, CIOs, VCs, analysts, and the Energy CIO Insights’ editorial board has reviewed the top consulting/services companies in the renewable energy domain. In our selection process, we looked at each of the vendor’s capability to fulfill the need for cost-effective and flexible construction services in the energy landscape. The shortlisted companies are at the forefront of tackling the challenges associated with renewable energy management by catering to the needs of the enterprise buyers to automate weather prediction, monitor the impacts of environmental patterns, and optimize power grid outcomes.

    Top Renewable Energy Consulting/Services Companies in APAC

  • As an expert independent advisory firm, Ekistica helps navigate the complex challenges of remote area infrastructure development through its advisory, project development, engineering design, and project delivery services. Ekistica works with its clients to understand their pain points and redefine their engagement with technology through the delivery of technical advice on infrastructure and service delivery related technologies. Ekistica provides detailed analysis of options and designs solutions that reflect the client's needs, addressing the underlying issues instead of superficial ones. The solutions are powered by the company’s electrical, structural, civil, and environmental engineering capabilities, complemented by experienced data analysts

  • Energy Action helps organisations understand and take control of their energy needs. As a leading independent energy management technology and services firm in Australia, Energy Action offers comprehensive buying and management services aimed at reducing energy usage and saving businesses money. With more than 20 years of proficiency in the Australian energy sector, Energy Action strives to enhance ‘choice and competitive tension’ within the deregulated energy market and introduced the country’s first reverse auction platform for energy procurement.The firm delivers a competitive energy cost outcome to clients and leverages its in-house expertise to ensure opportunities from bill savings and reduced energy consumption to automated delivery of valuable information and insights, validated bills, and tariff reviews



    AUS-ROV is identified as Australia’s leading Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) underwater investigation and intervention companies. AUS-ROV delivers a safer process in performing underwater operations; providing access to depths beyond that which conventional diving methods can achieve. This eliminates risk to human life giving rise to advantages such as unlimited operational ‘bottom time’. It offers a unique spread of customized ROVs’ combined with a range of specialized subsea tooling and sensors. Its ROVs carry high definition cameras, sonars, manipulators and an array of sub-sea tooling to best interpret the condition of any underwater interest

  • Buskowitz


    A leading integrated sustainable energy and solutions company, Buskowitz’s primary focus is on Solar Photovoltaic. It provides Philippine residents and business owners with easier and cost-effective access to sustainable solutions. As most local banks are not yet comfortable with the lending or leasing concept of Solar Photovoltaic (PV) systems, we decided to integrate quality Solar PV installations with highly demanded financing solutions for people looking to implement environmentally responsible systems with ease. It specializes in Renewable Energy, Solar Photovoltaic, Development, Management Consulting, and Finance and Investments

  • Energy Matters

    Energy Matters

    Energy Matters is one of Australia’s largest companies solely dedicated to residential, commercial and wholesale solar energy and storage solutions. It sources only products that have gone through testing in Australia’s harsh conditions. With expertise in both grid connect and off grid power, it is able to provide flexible clean energy solutions to fit almost all needs. Its SunLock solar mounting system featuring local design and manufacture, mounts over 75MW of solar panels to roofs. Its wholesale distribution arm is a trusted supplier of renewable energy components throughout Australia and the Asia Pacific.

  • FYFE


    FYFE is a multidisciplinary engineering, environmental, planning and surveying consultancy with expertise in energy and resources, infrastructure, land and property development. It delivers project solutions with innovative technology and a commitment to quality, technical excellence and delivery to clients across Australia. Its services include Surveying and Laser Scanning in Civil, Structural, Mechanical, Pipeline, Process and Electrical Engineering, Instrumentation and controls, Design drafting and 3D Modeling, Environment Engineering and Science, Town Planning Urban Design including Development Concepts and Yield analysis, Development Applications and Property Advisory

  • Global Solar World

    Global Solar World

    It manages complete EPC for solar project as well as GSW deals in solar Retail products for residential & commercial Projects and also consulting optimum design solutions in solar and energy efficiency project.With the rapid change in global energy market renewable enrgy technologies now constitute more than half of the new power plant build world wide each year. GSW determines to deliver the best solar solution to industries which shows interest in transforming into solar power equipped industry, irrespective of the scale of project it does industrial, commercial and household solar projects with high tech technologies and affordable budget

  • Horizon Power

    Horizon Power

    Horizon Power is a State Government-owned, commercially –focused corporation that provides safe and reliable power to about 100,000 residents and 10,000 businesses across regional and remote Western Australia. It provides sustainable energy solutions in an increasingly renewable energy landscape. Under normal operating conditions it provides supply maintaining a frequency tolerance limit of 50Hz, plus or minus 0.5Hz. It provides low voltage levels for residential, smaller commercial and industrial customers and high voltage levels for large customers

  • Hybrid Solar Power

    Hybrid Solar Power

    Hybrid Solar Power is a CEC Certified solar system installation company, powered by Solar World with more than 7 years of experience in the solar system industry. Solar electric power system from HYBRID SOLAR POWER enables homes to generate a portion of their own electrical power from sunlight. The electric system provides automatic operation without producing noise or air emissions without requiring fuel or extensive mechanical maintenance. It is estimated that every kilowatt of installed solar generation prevents 6000kg of CO2 and 15kg of NOx during its operating life. Every kilowatt/hour generated by the system leads to lower electricity bills

  • pitt&sherry


    To deliver best solutions, the team of experts at pitt&sherry collaboratively work with clients. While being selective about their area of expertise, they easily meet objectives. Some of the key areas entail -water and waste water, transport manufacture, industrial & manufacturing, mining, energy; tourism and recreation. pitt&sherry has won an Australian Engineering Excellence Award for the Kimberley Bridge reconstruction. pitt&sherry excels in possessing advanced hydrologic, hydraulic and scour modelling capabilities. Their expertise extends to floodplain management, bridges, hydraulic infrastructure, flood risks assessment, flood leeves, spillways, road and rail designs